A Note

From I M U Founder


Dear Friend,

Welcome to I M University (I M U)!

As the owner of I M businesses and brands including I M U & I M Cooperative (I M C), The Wright Group (TWG) remains committed to establishing socially, economically, and environmentally conscious practices and protocols within our businesses. TWG's philosophy is that profit and purpose are not mutually exclusive ideals, they can coexist.

In 2020, TWG mandated that all I M businesses and brands begin implementing sustainable practices within their operations.

We understand that our entities are organisms within a larger ecosystem that includes our employees, clients, customers, partners, vendors, communities, society, and the environment. Our ecosystem deserves that we are committed to maintaining sustainable and ethical business practices; and that we remain committed to mitigating or eliminating negative impacts of our business operations.

We have determined that the best approach is to simply integrate sustainable practices into our business models. Doing so may increase our cost of doing business. We accept this outcome as part of our commitment to balancing our ideal of “profit and purpose”.

It is irrefutable that climate change; waste; and social, economic, education, and healthcare inequities are issues that demand our collective attention. We ask that you join us in our efforts to make a difference today for a better tomorrow.

I M University (I M U) was launched to oversee our collective sustainability governance. I M U is responsible for developing governance frameworks to ensure I M businesses and brands become and remain socially, economically, and environmentally conscious. I M U looks forward to assisting other organizations in doing the same.

May we establish a sustainable relationship as we take on the challenges to protect, preserve, and uplift humanity and the environment.

Darin C. Wright
The Wright Group, LLC